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if you want to know more about me , and what i am able to do best keep reading this page!


WordPress is a content management system (CMS), that is a platform that allows the creation of websites, and the implementation of plugins within it depending on the needs


With the right amount of information I can fill in the pages of the site with attractive and easy to read content that will stimulate the attention of those who visit the site in the future


Before i start build the site you can choose the wordpress theme that you like most and i will create the site on that theme. Otherwise if you don't know which theme fits the most for your site i will chose it for you!



Want to sell online or just list your products? Never been easier for you, i will add a section dedicate for your products where your visitors can see the list of your products and eventually buy them.

Multilingual & translatable

Do you have multi language visitors? Good for you! There is no problem anymore, with a click your site will completely translated in the language that you want without any grammatical errors.

Interactive ChatBot

Does your visitors need a way to ask some question and get the response in no time? Use a chatbot and it will respond automatically to your visitors in real time.

Responsive Design

Everyone has a smartphone, so it is important to have a site that fits the base of the device on which it is displayed. A responsive website allows the visitor to have a good browsing experience with any device.

Privacy & security

It is not only important to have a good looking website, it must be safe for you and your visitors by any attackers. I provide the most secure plugins for managing the website and analyzing the contents posted by users.

Web Hosting & Domains

Need a web hosting or a domain name? I can provide it for you!

I can help you with ..

Design 100%
Content 50%
Frontend 75%
Backend 60%

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